Top Five Scandinavian-inspired nursery items from Cam Cam Copenhagen

Wondering how to create the perfectly styled Scani-inspired nursery? Cam Cam Copenhagen makes the best nursery decor and baby items.They make everything you will need to deck out your entire Nursery – from baby bedding, quilted blankets and decorative cushions to cot canopies, baby mobiles, cot canopies, baby mobiles, bibs and nursery bags, they have it all. With an overall design focus on sustainable and organic production, timeless designs, and high quality materials, they produce items that last generations, match with any ongoing trends and hopefully bring joy to kids and grown ups alike. Cam Cam aims to create timeless, poetic design, combining traditions and contemporary and as far as we are concerned, they have definitely done it.

Here are five of the best Scandinavian-inspired nursery products made by Cam Cam Copenhagen:

1. Cam Cam nursery canopy

Cam Cam Copenhagen cot canopies are a great way to achieve a Scandinavian-inspired look. These canopies add a dreamy and whimsical element to the nursery, plus each Cam Cam cot canopy is made with organic cotton and comes in a variety of lovely colours.

2. Cam Cam sustainable toys

The options for baby toys can be overwhelming at times. And while toy trends come and go, Cam Cam produces beautiful looking toys made with high quality sustainable materials. Adding sustainable toys to your nursery is not only good for your little one, they also double as nursery décor! You’ll love how Cam Cam baby toys add to the overall look of your Scandi-style nursery.

3. Cam Cam eco-friendly nursery décor

Wondering how to embellish your nursery walls? You’re in luck! Cam Cam Copenhagen has a line of stunning nursery buntings and garlands that are the perfect touch to any nursery or kids room. Cam Cam’s nursery buntings are 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and they’re from made out of leftover fabric from other Cam Cam nursery items and collections. Cam Cam nursery garlands and buntings are perfect to hang across a window or above the bed or crib.

4. Cam Cam Copenhagen organic kids bedding, cushions and baby blankets

When it comes to your child’s bedding, organic cotton is the way to go. Not only does Cam Cam stock GOTS-certified baby quilts and blankets, they also have decorative star cushions that are also organic and made with high quality materials.

5. Organic cotton muslins

Rather than using cheap cloths made of synthetic fabrics, stock your nursery with organic cotton Cam Cam muslins. They come in a variety of Cam Cam Copenhagen’s signature colours that pair well with Cam Cam’s other nursery items. They can be used in the cot, for cleaning up little messes, or thrown in a nursing bag for on the go use.

Cam Cam Copenhagen has everything you need to create a Scandinavian-inspired nursery. Scandinavian interior design encompasses all things sustainable, natural, minimalist and high quality – all of which Cam Cam brings to all of their baby products and nursery décor. Hopefully these tips will help you create a beautiful Scandinavian nursery with Cam Cam’s quality nursery and baby products. From baby bedding to cot canopies to sustainable nursery buntings, Cam Cam has got the bases covered when it comes to Scandinavian style nursery décor! Shop Cam Cam’s darling range of nursery decor and baby items at Nordlife, an Australian online boutique that ships worldwide.